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Reff - Akutenshi Karasuma by hiei14 Reff - Akutenshi Karasuma by hiei14
Name: Akutenshi Karasuma
Nicknames: Aku (friends/brother)
Gender: Female
Age: 50 years old
Species: Jaganshi
(Note, Aku is a pure jaganshi by birth not by an operashon)
Height: 4 feet, 7 Ins
Weight: 90lb
Personal Quotes: "Why bother, eveything dies in the end"
DOB: Sep, 1991
Birth Place: Naoyukiki
Residence: No home, "exiled" with twin brother
Occupation: Spirit detective
Religion: Draconica (Worship of the Black Dragon)
Combat Status: 15 years of ladyship training, 25 years of war/Dragoon training, 10 years on SD team
Social Class: Spirit Detective // Highland's First Child
Economic Class: Poor
Alignment: Neutral Good/Dark fire
Top Speed: S
Power Class: High A

Speed scale: D - C - B - A - S - SS - DemiGs - Gods
(As a ref, Hiei is a SS so humans only see flashes or doppelgangers)
Power Scale: D - C - b- - B - b+ - a- -A - a+ - s- - S - s+ - SS - ElementMs - Ancients - DemiGs - Gods



-Old Spear (see above)


- Artemis Spear (Obtaned from Kayla as a gift sometime before final battle with Tenma)

-Moon Gems (Tear gems//Gifts from Red/Kayla)


-Dragon of the Darkness Flame

-Dragon Absorption

-Fist of the Mortal Flame


-Spirit Fists

-Phyinx Plum (magic)

-Maddening blow

- Volcanic impaling pierce

- Skull crusher

- Valarie's touch

Physical Abilities


-Dark dragon

-small fire/heat resistant

-Huge volume of demon energy

Forms: "Human" form

Personal Information
Favorite Color: Navie and purple
Friends: Red & Sapphire
Acquaintances: to many to list.
Rivals: ???
Enemies: Enma, Highland
Known Relatives: Highland Karasuma (Father/Lord), Kagura Karasuma (Mother/dead) Kogun (Twin brother), Kimiyo (Younger sister)
Likes: nothing
Dislikes: everything.
Habits: Snarks everything

Personal Strengths:

-high leg strength

-small amount of heat ress

-Her skills can one shot about anything

Physical Weaknesses :
- Old knee wound that acts up in cold weather

- scar on back burns constantly

Personal Weaknesses :

- Bottles everything up inside

- rarely talks

- doen't like getting close to people

- likes to do things herself

- knits to relive stress


Aku is a bit of a puzzle as far as personality goes. She is cold and almost robot like in her replys or retorts, but in times of a true crises she does show a saprising amount of emotions! Her coldness is a result of hate for the elders of her tribe, and her Father that caused her a tremendous amounts of pain as a child.

Aku was trained to be a warrior for many years and learned how to sapress and hide her feelings acting only on orders or demands. This carried over to her work as a SD, however there are times when this facade drops and the real (Though just as snarky) Aku shines threw. The Real Aku is MUCH less cold but retorts are much common and she seems it enjoy it. This side of her is only shown around Red, Sapphire, Kogun & Zack, as they are the only ones that have gained her trust (Kogun most, then Red, Sapphire & Zack).

Aku tends to simply ignore humans and weak demons unless confronted. With stronger opponents she retains her cold, robotic personality but in reality she really LOVES a good fight that pushes her to her limits. When around her "trusted ones"/friends in public she is a bit warmer and will let her mask crack a bit when need be. When alone with those she trusts Aku is compleatly herself and VERY layed back.

Often times Aku is chosen to deal with political problems the trio run into as Sapphire is to stupid to deal with it and Red is far to kind hearted. Aku is a Tactical (war) and Political genius.

Physical Appearance

Aku has very long wavy hair tided in a pony tail at top of her head, right side is chopped shorter then the left. Her hair is black with light purple-ish navy highlights. Her eyes are light blue with purple puples and her Jagan (third eye) is a lighter color purple then (most and matches her puples). There are thin scars on her face, belly right arm and legs made by Zack on there first meeting. There is a HUGE burn scar on her back made by Tenma when he left.

Aku wears a cropped jacket with bandages to rap her breasts. Over her left shoulder is a wood Pauldron with thin metal on the underside. Her Pants have draw strings that are never used, just hang down in front. The pants are held up with cloth rapped around her waist and tied with a ribbon given to her by Tenma. The ends of the cloth hang down behind her and the ends of her pants are tucked into her pants.

Akutenshi was the first of twins born to Highland Karasuma, and was at one point to be heir to Jaganshi tribes head. From the point of Aku's birth till the time she was 15, she was trained to be lady like & to be a political figure. At that point she knew that was not the path for her and wanted to learn how to fight. Highland frond upon this, telling her she could but would never be able to take his place as the leader of the Jagan. Not caring for leadership and knowing it was a hallow spot (the elders make the choses not the leader) she chose to be a warrior.

Shortly after Aku met and fell for a commander named Tenma. At first he had been a kind person, however after about a year He told her of many unjustness that went on in the world, and the leadership of the Jaganshi people. under the shadow of night, Aku & a few others cometed horrible murders for Tenma to right what he had told them was wrong. After a few years Tenma told Aku to kill her own mother, although hesitant she did as told and it left a HUGE opening for Tenma to saprice attack Highland. Aku watched on as her love battled her father and Tenma confidently spilled out his insane plan. He had been lieing the whole time. This crushed Aku and she teams up with her father, kicking Tenma's ass.

The next day the elder sentences Akutenshi & the 7 other's to death for what they had done. Un-willing to lose one of his children so close after his wife's death, Highland merely exiles Aku. Now, with no home and believing herself unfit to live, Aku wandered for years killing and pillaging in the demon world.

This is how Zack found her (Threw Kogun) and after defeating her, preswayd her to join Spirit world's detective program to repay for the lives she had taken. Zack stayed by her side and brought Sapphire to the group as well. Kogun joined Aku about 5 years later and stays with her in a small apartment in human world.

5 years after Kogun joins her, Red is added as the group leader by an unknown person in spirit world.
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